October 24th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

Your Holiday Is Over, DJ!

Yes, sorry boy - but I returned!

When I spoke to Toni on Monday and said I couldn't get out for a couple of days, she said he would enjoy his extended holiday!  In fact he had put weight back on again as all he had done was eat!  So in the end he actually had a fortnight off!!

When I saw him today it was a shock to the system - for me!  As I had forgotten to wear gloves and it was cold.  I tried working out if I could open a gate and turn off the electric fencer with my hands still in my pockets!  Sadly, I couldn't!

Anyway, poor DJ had to come in - 2 weeks of eating and he had to walk all the way to his stable!  Poor boy - he didn't know it but he wasn't actually going to have to work today as I didn't actually have time to ride.  So he had his feet checked, his mane combed and his coat brushed before being fed and back out to his field.

Not really a bad day for the first day back after a holiday ... I had a load of washing and ironing to do as well as extra patients needing treatment.  Life is definitely tuned in DJ's favour I think! 
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