October 3rd, 2007

DJ - plaited!

The Boy Was Determined To Keep Up This Morning

Over the last 10 days Cherry has not been at all well and 3 days ago Ros had to get the vet to her.  He thinks that she has slipped her foal - and possibly that the foal had been dead for some time.

well, as DJ and I walked down the road to meet them this morning you could immediately see that whatever had been ailing Cherry is now better.  She had a real spring back in her step.  Even though DJ is 4 inches shorter he kept up with her.  And seemed to re-gain some of his bounce.  I don't know whether he knew she had been unwell, or whether it was the slight breeze - but there was no stopping him.

We went on the route that was 1/2 road work with the rest being a track down a steep track to a stream and then back up through the woods.  As we have had quite a bit of rain recently, the track was soft enough for a canter ... well the 4-legged members of the party must have heard the debate, because no sooner had we mentioned soft ground then DJ lept into canter and Cherry agreed ... please note ... DJ was actually behind!

By the time we had got to the top both of them were hot .... Cherry is a bay (dark brown) so when she sweats it looks like she is wearing long frilly undies.  DJ doesn't show the sweat - just the mud running in his coat where he is always dirty!!

When we got back it was some time before I could feed DJ as he was hot - and with a cool breeze I didn't want to wash him down.  Anyway - once fed ... back to his field.  I took my camera with me so I could get a picture of him rolling - so guess what ... No roll!!

Oh well - I have a picture that I took of him a couple of years ago so I will find that and post it - hopefully later this evening ... Stay focused!
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