October 1st, 2007

DJ - plaited!

What A Great Way To Start The Week!

When I woke up this morning it was raining - and felt cold ... and we were now in October ... and it was monday morning!!

However as I drove out to see DJ the rain had stooped, and although overcast it wasn't too cold.  By the time I had walked out to his field and walked him in, it was quite warm - so the day was looking up!

Once he was ready we waited for Toni and Junior to get ready - and for Sue to arrive with her horse Painter.

Once off we headed towards the managed forests.  DJ had a real spring in his step as it was about 6 months since he had last seen Painter - so I think he was showing off as he knew where we were going!  We rode our normal route round - having a canter in the woods, and then along one of the verges where the grass had been cut back, so that we could see the surface.

As we were heading back we watched 3 Roe Deer running across the length of one of the fields.  Lovely to watch them - as they just seemed happy to be alive.

And so back home - to feed DJ and thus back to his field - where he promptly got down and rolled ... choosing the muddiest bit, of course!! 

Then it was back home for me - and to sort out the orchestra's accounts after the concert ... Arrgh, Monday had returned to me!
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