September 29th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Happy 10th Birthday - Spike

Apparantly it was 10 years ago today that Spike and Dru arrived in Sunnydale - So Happy Birthday to you both!

I am sorry to say that it was a few years before I found you - but I am really glad I did.

Thank you for enriching a lot of people's lives with your amazing characters.

But most especially for giving us, Spike who is such a great legend to know - and, of course, James a great person to get to know!

Thank You!

Adventure before dementia

Notes on DJ - And Notes On Music!!

I have just got in from the final rehearsal - and I am tired even though I only played for half of it as my lungs are still not healed.  It lasted about 3 1/2 hours - and I am tired, so I dread to think what the rest will feel like.  

Well the theory is that a bad rehearsal means a good performance - if so ... well lets just say - the piano concerto will sound amazing tonight!!

This morning I went riding - we had planned to be out for some time, but Toni and I met Ros and we stood and chatted for about 1/2 hour - so cut our ride short!  DJ was already upset to see me this morning - well he knows it is a weekend and I am away at my parents over that time.  That and Toni had moved his field yesterday - so I think he hoped that I wouldn't find him!!

Still - we didn't work hard - and I still gave him a feed before putting him back in his field!

Oh well - I had better get the final float etc organised for tonight - and then it will be time for something to eat, before changing and heading back to the venue!  Hope we get a reasonable number - as a lot of hard work goes into these events!