September 24th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

It Comes To Something When Your Horse Has A Better Social Life Than You Do!!

Yes - DJ is one lucky pony!

On Sunday (yesterday) he went on an 11 mile fun ride which involved a couple of gallops, some jumps and ditches to negotiate and generally "hanging out" with about 125 other horses!

I couldn't take him - as I don't do secular things on a Sunday - even going to see James would be out ... so going for a ride was also out.  As that is my personal choice, it was unfair that DJ should miss out - so when Toni asked if Ros could borrow him, I was pleased that he was able to go!

So DJ and Ros & Junior and Toni went in the lorry and had a great fun ride together.

Ros phoned me later and left a message to say he had been a good boy - behaved himself and was, by then, out in his field telling Smudge all about what a brave and clever boy he had been!!


When I went to get him in this morning he was certainly wide awake - looking around - I suppose he was wondering what was in store for him today!

However it was a simple 4 mile walk round the block - with Toni riding Smudge and leading Badger.  We did meet up with Ros and Cherry for a short time, as well.

The weather was great - windy but dry.

DJ came back still wide awake, but once he had been fed I think he was glad to be able to get out to his field - as I left he was busy rolling over and over ... and over!
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Mid-England ....

Hope that all my f-list who live in the central part of England are OK ... I know that the news mentioned the home town of spikereader - so hope that all her family ... and everyone else is OK - and that there was no damage to their home 
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