September 20th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

A Really Tough Morning!

Well I am sure that is what DJ thought when I brought him in from his field - in torrential rain!  For the first time since he has lived at his present place he actually went to his hay net and took some - so it must have been a long night for him.

So I let him munch while I checked and groomed his feet and lower legs ... and then went on to comb out his tail and mane.

Toni brought in Badger and Junior during a lull in the rain - although the rain didn't actually stop it only slowed.  She decided that as the rain got worse as she arrived in the stables the best thing would be to get on with some rug repaires as Winter seems to be fast approaching.

So I decided to feed DJ and put him back in his field.  As we started to walk back the weather started to clear - and within an hour the sun had come out.

So - as I say poor DJ had a really tough day!

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