September 18th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

No Plaits Today

It was quite a cold wind that was blowing across the fields when I walked out to get "sir" in this morning.  It had been raining over night so DJ was a happy boy - he loves bad weather!  He had obviously been busy as me was quite muddy - that boy could win a gold medal in rolling!

So, I decided that the Autumn was coming and i wouldn't need to plait him

However, by the time that we were ready (and Toni and Junior) it was nice and bright.  Just along the road we met Ros and Rags returning form their regular walk ... and stopped and chatted!

Then on again.  We were out for just over an hour and went through some woodland - with a short, sharp canter along part of the track.  so, by the time we got back DJ was quite warm.

Toni decided to give Junior a bath - and also brought Smudge in from the field for the same reason.

DJ was lucky that I had to get going - so he got sponged down and fed, before putting him back in his field.

So it was great - a lovely day - and great to be able to tell Toni that I had got my ticket!!!! 
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Orchestral Instruments

This was just some of my own personal thoughts that have meandered on after reading the latest Q&A form James.

He spoke about musical instruments within orchestras - and just one thing led me to think about the orchestra that I am a member of.

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