September 13th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

Shoes Made To Measure!

... and that is certainly something I can't afford for myself!  And it looks as if carrots will be on rations if the farrier puts the prices up again!!

Anyway - early start today as Toni and I had planned to ride before the farrier arrived - but her family changed all the plans so she couldn't ride.  Most horses have an odd quirk or two - Junior has a foot fettish, so someone she trusts has to be with her when she is shod.  So Toni didn't have time to ride beforehand - and her husband was off running errands.  So it was just DJ and myself.

When I went to the field to get him he wouldn't come over - and then I realised why ... with Junior it is feet, with DJ it is sunglasses!  He hates me wearing them and won't walk towards me unless I take them off - it is a good thing I don't ride in my normal glasses as they are reacta-light!

So once groomed the 2 of us headed up the mile road and back.  I took some time to do some more transition schooling with him.  While we worked at stables I took a sand-school/arena for granted and never used it!  Now I like to spend a bit of time making him focus on some technical side of our partnership.

We got back to Junior having her first shoe nailed on - and we stood nearby while I combed his tail and gave his face a really good brush.

While he was being shod I gave his tack a clean.  That is the one aspect of equine life I don't like.  But it has to be done.  So he now has a clean bridle and his saddle has also been well oiled - so hopefully give it a bit more life.

Well even though I threatened him with no food let me hasten to assure you all - he had a feed and another carrot before going back out to his field.

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