September 6th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Men Have Their Uses!

A firnd e-mailed me this last night and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all.  So maybe it would be worth me getting married after all!


Husband and wife were laying in bed one morning having woken early, so the wife turns to her husband and says 'make us a cuppa love', and he replies 'no way! I have been working hard all week and wearing my fingers to the bone. Your job is to look after me and the house and the shopping so making the tea is your job!!'
'No no' said the wife 'The bible says it is the man's job to make the tea.'
'The Bible' says her husband quite shocked, 'Where in the Bible does it say that?!!!'
The wife smiled at him sweetly and said 'When you have made the tea I will prove it to you and show you where'
The husband jumped out of bed, still blustering and said 'Fine! I will make the tea, and I will fetch the Bible at the same time and then you can show me where it says that I have to make the tea.'
He returned to the bedroom with the tea and the Bible tucked under his arm, she thanked him sweetly.
'Right ' he said 'I have made the tea, here's the Bible , now you show me where it says this is my job!!'
'Yes darling' she said, and opening the bible she held it out to him and said 'There, here in the New Testament at the top of each page it says quite clearly - He brews!!!

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Judgement On Me!

Well that's what it must be - after posting my comment this morning I went to my kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself ... and my kettle had died!!
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