September 2nd, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Seven Things About Me MEME

I was tagged by 

kaczurda and as some of you have known me a bit longer than some of the others I have tried to be a bit obscure!!

1) I am "addicted" to strong tea - but only if made with full-fat milk (as I am allergic to semi-skimmed and skimmed milk)

2) I am a year older than James Marsters - but until I went to a concert of his in May I had never, ever attended a concert before ....

3) Well other than the fact that I play the clarinet in an orchestra and 2 bands, which do hold concerts. So I usually attend about 8 - 10 concerts a year ... but only as a performer!

4) I am a member of The Blakes 7 fan-club - and have been since the show originally aired in 1978.

5) I have 2 silicon implants in my body .... shall I leave it at that, or tell you that they are in my right eye!!

6) I had to take my driving test 3 times before I passed it.

7) I love doing jig-saw puzzels and at present am working on 2. A 3,000 piece one of a garden party and a 1,000 piece one of "Pirates".

I tag writero (but if life is too busy I shall understand!)



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