August 29th, 2007

DJ - plaited!

New Style

Sorry to say but DJ had a new style of hair plait today.

He came trotting across the field to see me today - don't suppose he will do that tomorrow when he sees the photos of what he looked like!

My hand is still sore so I had to adapt his main - started him in bunches, but that didn't lift it off his neck, so then the bunches were plaited - 
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It was a good thing that I did as we met up with Ros and Cherry and went down, and then back up through the woods.  Even though Cherry is probably in foal, Ros still decided to canter up part of the track - so DJ was hot by the time we got to the top - at least he didn't cook his neck, with his mane out of the way like this!

Still he stood still to let me un-tangle him when we got back, and then had a sponge-bath before having something to eat and going back to his field to tell Smudge all about his stressful morning!
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My Friends Of Last week!

Well - they are still all my friends this week.  

But I did promise you some pictures of the "family" that I looked after while Toni was away at the family wedding.  They aren't great pictures - as ever have some others on film, so if they come out better I will post them (eventually!)

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