August 1st, 2007


The Ninth Doctor

I have just been watching an episode on BBC3.

When the series was first shown I found it very hard to get into - then with the 10th doctor I really enjoyed things.  I thought that having seen and enjoyed the last 2 series then I would be in the right frame of mind to watch the first series.

Yes - i am enjoying it - enjoying seeing The Doctor and Rose's relationship - although I think this is where I find the problem - it was too much, too fast.

Anyway - Daleks tomorrow.

I am enjoying being reminded of the back-story - and didn't see this episode last time, so am looking froward to seeing what The Doctor makes of realising The Daleks still exist.
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Great To Be Out And About In The Sun Again

Although that sadly means flies - but once DJ was in from his field and plaited up I did spray him with fly-spray.  It's not something I use everyday, because I don't want him to either get reliant on it, or to suffer any long term skin (or other health problems).  He doesn't suffer too badly with flies - My Jaykub was allergic to fly-bite so that meant 8 months a year of suffering - but DJ doesn't seem to have too many problems.

Anyway - Toni & Junior and DJ & myself headed up the road to meet Ros and Cherry.  We went a similar route to yesterday - but Toni turned back at the same point, whereas Ros and myself carried on.

We were out for about 1 1/4 hours - and it was just a quiet time of chat, mostly.  Although in that time we did have to stop 5 (yes 5!) times for DJ to answer a call of nature ... !!!  Still it saves me having to clean out his box if he had waited till we had got back!

Once back, it was to be hosed down and while he was cooling it gave me a chance to clean his tack, before feeding him and putting him back out so that he could tell Smudge all about his adventures!
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