July 24th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

I'm Not As Weird As I Thought I Was!!

Well I have just come to this absolutely shocking conclusion - so thought I needed to share it with someone - as neither my family nor my friend, Toni would believe me for saying that!

I have just read a post from someone on my f-list commenting on something that they had obviously read on their f-list ... and I realise that there are some totally peculiar people out there!  I know we all have our own views on things - both local to us and global - but where some people get their ideas from is beyond me.

So - either that makes me sane, or as I am listening to "Grave Peril" at the moment (read by James .... Squeeee!) ... maybe there is a leak from the Never-Never and the wrong people are getting through!!!!

So if you are thinking that you are going mad it probably means you are actually OK - it is the rest of the population that needs locking up - for their own good, if not ours!!!!
Adventure before dementia

Saturday - The Day To Have Fun !!

DJ must have agreed with me as to that statement .... While I was in Cardiff .... SQUEEEEEEEEEE (!!!), DJ decided that he wanted to have fun!

When I got to Toni's this morning it was to be greeted with the statement that DJ almost got strangled on Saturday - no he didn't get caught up anywhere ... well he had already broken down the fence posts (3 of them) to get himself out of his field.  He left Smudge behind on his adventure - and off he went to have a wander round the fields ... and the garden!!

When Toni went out to get some washing in she saw him laying out, in the sunshine, on the edge of the actual garden - quite happy, fast asleep and dreaming of fields of carrots.  Well that was until she yelled his name ... apparently he had never stood himself up quite so fast!

So he is in a different field again - still with Smudge - but I have a feeling he will have ar armed guard posted as well if Toni has her way!!!

We only went out for a short ride today - with Toni and Junior.  It was quite warm - and the flies were certainly busy!  Toni had to get back as the farrier was doing an emergency call out on Smudge, as although he recons he was innocent of the mayhem on Saturday, he somehow managed to pull off one of his shoes.

I still think I had the better day - even though the 2 boys had fun!
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