July 19th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

What A Day!

... And LJ wouldn't even let me post anything last night to have a moan!

Oh well - my house still stinks - so I shall still scribble about my weird morning!

It started lazily as I wasn't riding - letting DJ and Smudge work out their differences. So I decided to have some toast - and get on with the day ... Great idea .... Not only dd I burn the toast - I burnt the toaster!! Fortunately it had been standing on the bread board, so there was no damage (as such) other than the smell!!

So - I decided that to try to speed away the smell - having opened every window in the house, that if I got on with the decorating in the bathroom which has been un-believable slow going (more due to laziness than anything else) then maybe one smell would counteract the other - Wrong ... the house still smells of both!! And to make matters worse the paint has dried to a different colour than the chart promised.

So as I say - what a day - However when I eventually got back onto LJ this morning, I was able to download some new icons that had been made for me by kekoah (As you can see by one of them I am using ion this post!) ... Yes ... so today started with James looking at me!!  ... Which means that today is already 100% better than yesterday!
Adventure before dementia

Full of Beans!

That is the only way to describe DJ today - and he isn't full of grass as he has been moved to a smaller area - and had apparantly spent yesterday playing ... and annoying ... and being chased by ... and generally having fun with Smudge.

I thought he would be exhausted, but instead he just was on his toes, wide awake and raring to go.

We met up with Ros and Cherry and went down through the woods - half way up on the return side there were some trees down - and although horses can jump the location made it impossible - so we had to turn around and go back.  So we were out for longer, but even so DJ came back hot, but still happy to keep on.

I washed him down and then put him in his box.  He was due to be groomed this afternoon, as Toni has 2 foreign students with her and DJ was being used as their demonstration model for grooming and naming the parts of a horse in English!
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