July 10th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

I Am Upset!

As most of you know I live in a small sea-side town on the West Coast of England.  It is fairly quiet, pretty friendly - and normally an amazing place to be.

Today, on my way back from the bank, I walked past one of the Charity Shops - it is for an animal shelter.  As I walked past I saw that there was an addition to the notice in the window :-

Shop Closed -

Flooded - 16th June
Broken into - 6th July

How can people - at a time when there is loss and damage due to a natural disaster - How can people do that. ... And to a Charity Shop.

Still - we have seen looting etc on the TV, so I suppose it is something that we will end up getting used to - Although I hope that I NEVER come to accept that as normal!!
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Adventure before dementia

Another Wet Night -

Well at least it meant he wanted to come in this morning.  He actually met me by his gate - which saved me "paddling" across his field.

I think he just wanted his cuddle and carrot - wasn't so impressed when I brought in his grooming box and his tack!

Toni rode Badger today, so we didn't go far or fast.  He is slowly getting fitter, but it takes time - poor boy was given some rat poison about 5 years ago, so he is very lucky to be alive.  However his fitness levels have to carefully monitored.

While out we met Ros and Cherry - so stopped for a brief chat - but basically today's ride just gave Toni and I a good excuse to gossip!!

Once back and fed, it was back to his wet field for DJ - but he had conned me out of 2 carrots today, so don't feel too sorry for him!!
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