July 4th, 2007


To All My Rebel Friends !!


Glad to know that you are managing to cope without the Mother-lands help!!!

Hope that you all have a great day - However you celebrate and whatever you do.  Have fun!!

Adventure before dementia

It's July and It's Windy!

I live in the Northern Hemisphere, where it should be summer.  Still, I can't complain, as I didn't get the flooding that chuncks of Britain did.

I went out today with Ros and Cherry - we didn't go far as my back is still causing me problems ... I know I said I would post, well I will try to later!

Cherry has certainly settled.  She ignored (how could she?) DJ the whole way round.  So we were able to have a good chat and get caught up - while letting the 2 horses walk (or trot) around a slightly shorted than normal ciruit.  we were still out for about an hour - and din't get wet in that time.  So that was really great.

When I took DJ back to his field I am sure he told Conrad that it was him that had put Cherry in her place - ought I to go and tell Conrad not to believe some of the tales that DJ tells?  Or shall I let him stay as the tough hero?
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Adventure before dementia

What a Pain!

Yes - I did say I would have a moan.  The trouble is I am starting to feel better again - so now feel guilty as I start typing this.  But for those who have read odd bits on my posts they will see me from time to time mention a back problem.  So really ought to fill you in.

This last week it has really caused me some grief - for no reason which is annoying.

However - 

I know that I am lucky to be alive, let alone walking, let alone symptom free most of the time.  So overall I am very thankful - just occasionally I get to screaming!!
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Thanks for letting me ramble!!