June 25th, 2007

Eternal refuge

Thank You

To All Those Who Wished Me A Happy Birthday - yesterday - Thanks I had a great day ... will report later!

But do especially want to thank 3 on my f-list :-

downunderdeb - for my "party hat" ... well I had a new dress for the day, so I think that completed the outfit very well!

elisi for a fic rec - "Falling Debris" ... I think this is a great idea for a present to someone. Haven't yet read it, as I was half way through re-reading "Fixing The Factors" last night, but will read ASAP.

And finally a HUGE Thank You to spikereader for my suprise parcel that was waiting when I got home. As I can't have the man himself Carolyn sent me the next best thing - Him reading 2 of the Dresdon books - Huge hugs and Thanks.
Adventure before dementia

Three Things Meme

Snagged from slaymesoftly 

Three Jobs I have had in my life :-
....... Osteopath
....... Groom
...... Working in an electrical store.

 Three places I have lived :-
...... Essex (East London borders)
...... North Wales
...... Cornwall (West England)

Three TV shows, currently in production I like to watch :-
...... Dr Who
...... Torchwood
...... (Ahhh - I'm stuck!!  I watch mostly DVD's/videos!)

Three places I have been on holiday :-
...... USA - North West states & Colorada/Utah
...... Europe - Most West countries - espec Italy
...... Wales - my last holiday

Three favourite foods :-
...... English sausage and chips
...... Syrup based biscuits and puddings - treacle tart, ANZAC biscuits etc
....... Any fruit except babanas (all raw)

Three places I would rather be now :-
...... Anywhere with James!
...... Other than that life is pretty good - if it would stop raining and I could take Jiffy for the long walk I had planned across the beach!
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Midsummer's Day

... Yes, for those in England who are getting cold and wet it is hard to realise that the 24th June is actually Midsummer's Day.

Although I am not Anglican, if you follow the Church calender of Saints then you realise that the 24th June is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.  I was baptised by immersion when I was a teenager, but with all the rain that we have been having I think there were a lot of people that felt they were getting baptised, whatever their Religious beliefs, yesterday.  

I do hope that all who read this are dry and safe - you never know, we may, someday, get some summer again!
Adventure before dementia

I Was One Spoilt Girl, This Weekend!

Yes - all weekend was great.

It started when I got to Mum and Dad's on Friday evening.  As I am not able to get to Band practice for this month, M&D had invited my youngest brother, Tim and his wife for tea.  We had a lovely meal ... but as Mum had cooked chips I couldn't have cared less about the rest!  Then it was birthday cake and fresh strawberries for pudding.

Saturday morning I had to go with Mum to the doctors, but then after lunch Dad dropped us off at the shops while he went to visit a friend in hospital ... What a hard choice - shopping, or visiting one of the elderly members of our Church ... sorry - hate to say it, but thought Mum needed a trip to the shops ... (Well, that's my excuse)!!

On Sunday then it was opening my pressies .... sorry, but even if I am in my 40's I am still a kid, before loading up the cars to go to  Tim and Claire's.  We dropped Jiffy off their - he was shut in the hall (if I say "house-proud" I haven't even touched the surface!).  Then we drove to a nearby leisure complex where we mwt up with my other brother, Nick, his wife and their 4 kids.  Although it was my Birthday, we were actually celebrating Tim's - as he will be 40 next week, and is on holiday at the time.  The meal was "OK" - not great, but it was good to all sit down to Sunday lunch together.

Then back to Tim and Claire's - to collect Jiffy and go for a walk ... yes ... in the rain - Claire's idea, even though she was the only one who didn't go!

Then more Birthday cake - this time for Tim, before heading back to our own homes.  It wasn't 100% relaxing at T&C's due to the house situation - but still had a nice time together - even if I do sometimes want to strangle my nephews!

I now have Jiffy staying with me for a week, as Mum and Dad have visitors, one of whom is allergic to dogs.    So I am sure he will try to train me ... DJ doesn't succeed - so why should he?