June 12th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Another Warm Day

.... Still it looks as if the weather is going to cool down again.  Today poor DJ got quite warm as we, with Toni and Smudge, went through the woods - which means a lot of steep tracks.  

Although you can't see it in this icon he does have an amazingly thick mane (Hense me learning to plait), but it does mean that he gets hot when working.  So if it stays warm tomorrow I shall have to plait it up out the way for him.  I shall try to remeber to have my camera with me, if I do.

When we got back I sponged him down - and he must have been feeling hot as he didn't try moving out of my way!  After he had time to cool I fed him and took him out to a different field.  His fields are being topped (all the long weeds cut), so he had to move house for the day.  When I left him he was still wandering round ... probably checking out which were the best bits of grass, before Conrad joined him!
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