June 8th, 2007

Not pleased.


... Remind me again why we have them!

Still if I didn't have the computer in the first place then I wouldn't have discovered LJ, got a great f-list ... so that I can moan at you that the computer has gone wrong!!

How about that for a conundrum?

Yes - my pc is telling me that the modem is broken - and when I did a check on the modem I am told it is OK!!  Oh well I am at Mum nd Dad's for the weekend and the man from the computer place is coming to hit my computer on Monday morning ...I might even provide the hammer for him!
Adventure before dementia

Sorry, Boy ... I am Going To Attack You Again!!

Sorry DJ - but the mane got attacked yesterday ... but I didn't get to play with the tail ...!!!!!!

The weather was hot, so we only had a short ride - Toni rode Badger and led Junior and we just went round the block ... So ... plenty of time to play!!  Lucky boy!

Maybe one day next week I will have time to get them both done - and to get the camera out!!
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