May 1st, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Not Everyone Can Afford To Have Their Shoes Made To Measure!

.... But that was what DJ had today.

We started off having a bit of cuddle time - well he was meant to be being groomed, but it turned out to be a time of just being together - yes, he got brushed, and his mane was combed, but it was also a time to just be together.

Toni and Badger went up the road with us for about a mile and it was very musical.  DJ's shoes were fairly loose, so with every step he took he back's clanged along.

Once back I got to the job of combing his tail while we waited for the farrier to arrive.  Things have changed in the last few years - the farrier is also a "white van man" who brings a microwave-sized forge with him.  It was the first time that Ian had shod DJ but - but he is obviously good as he thought "DJ was a really nice chap" (I quote!)

So having got new shoes - he still needed a carrot and small feed to help him have strength to walk back out to the field.

For those who haven't seen the pic of DJ I put up a couple of months ago, here is the link again.  So you can see what I mean by having to comb some long hair!  (It is Smudge in the background!)

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