April 23rd, 2007


April 23rd

Wishing all of you a Very Happy St George's Day - Hope that you are all wearing your red roses, and that you are winning all your fights against the dragons of this world!

For those who have forgotten it is also Shakespeare's Birthday, so thought I would leave the finish to him (William would be so proud of me!)

This Royal Throne Of Kings, This Sceptred Isle,
This Earth Of Majesty, This Seat Of Mars,
This Other Eden, Demi-Paradise,
This Fortress Built By Nature For Herself
Against Infection And The Hand Of War,
This Happy Breed Of Men, This Little World,
This Precious Stone Set In The Silver Sea,
Which Serves It In The Office Of A Wall
Or As A Moat Defensive To A House,
Against The Envy Of Less Happier Lands,—
This Blessed Plot, This Earth, This Realm, This England.
King Richard II. Act Ii. Sc. 1. 
Adventure before dementia

Letter Meme

Comment on this entry and I’ll respond with a letter of the Alphabet. Once you have your letter, list 10 things that you like, find interesting or any other thoughts that start with that letter. Post them, explaining why and give new letters to your commentors.

I was given the letter B by lilachigh

1 - Buffy, The Vampire Slayer ... Well I think this one can be without explanation, can't it?

2 - Bible - Yes, I do believe it and read some of it every day.

3 - Biscuits - especially chocolate one (I am glad I am English, as "cookies" wouldn't fit!)

4 - Bude - That is the town I live in - and I do love it. It is on the West Coast of England, and the scenery is amazing. Beautiful cliffs with sandy beaches.

5 - Bandage - Yes, I must be one of the few people who like them ... well now you can guess that I was given my nickname for a reason!!

6 - Bone - I love my job. Without bones, there wouldn't me muscles and without bones and muscles, then I wouldn't have any patients to treat!

7 - Beauty - Natural beauty. Mountains, beaches, forests and lakes. Also cathedrals, castles and houses. In people it is their internal beauty that is important - Silicon should only be a chemical symbol!

8 - Butterflies - so small, but exquisite (and the only insect I am not scared of!)

9 - Books - Where would we be without books - fiction or fact - something to lose ourselves in, or just to pass 5 minutes.

10 - Bread - Might seem boring - but I do like traditional English bread - with or without a topping - just lovely.

So - here are my 10. They are in no particular order - Let me know what you think (and I can give you a letter!).
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