April 19th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

19th April 2002

... This was the date that Jaykub became mine.  He had been at the stables about 3 years (I had been riding for about 4) and he began to have, what could best be described as a nervous breakdown.  He and I had a very special bond and when the time came for him to be sold I just couldn't say "Goodbye" - So Mum bought him for me.  A huge undertaking, but at least I had the back-up of my friend Toni - and the stables.

I even have a user-pic to suite, as I always called him "Hero".

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So - Happy Birthday My Jaykub .
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Turn Again To Life ... a one-shot story

Over the years I have always been told that I am no good at writing - but since I "met" Spike I have dared to scribble a couple of stories. This is one that I have done, with HUGE help from a great beta - Thank You writero - You have been very patient!

Title - Turn Again To Life
Warnings - Angst
Word Count - 2397
Time line - Set immediately post "Chosen" 

Banner was made for me by edgehead73


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