April 11th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Chainsaw Masacre Averted

Today was yet again a beautiful day and DJ and I met up with Ros and Rags - to go for a ride and gossip about what we had done over the Easter holidays.

As we rode along it was to see how advanced some of the trees were - a Horse Chestnut in full leaf, as well as violets and celandine around - and at long last the first bluebells.  We ride through quite a lot of woods where DJ lives now - and I can't wait to see a full blue carpet.

The weird thing is that until we were made redundant at Christmas, we lived in a town - and DJ worked on busy streets - and worked in a riding stable based at a holiday complex, so we worked with nutters (AKA "The General Public") - but today ...!!

We led the canter up the bridle path - but came to a sudden halt as down the track was walking a man - dressed in luminous orange and carrying an industrial sized chain-saw.  DJ was again the hero - he battled off the attack and protected myself, Ros and his mate Rags from losing any limbs (The man stepped down onto a clearing for us - but don't tell DJ that I told you the truth!)

So - disaster was averted!  He definitely needed a carrot to recover from that hard work!
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