April 10th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Beware Of the Killer Road-Sign

... Just a small warning for anyone who is travelling past where DJ lives - There is a road sign that almost killed us today.

Yes it did.

It was going to hit us on the head - or maybe it was going to chop us into pieces - or maybe it was going to explode - or mabe it was going to spit out an alien that was living behind it - or maybe ...

Or maybe it was just standing on the side of the road where it has always stood - and DJ was having a "mad" 5 minutes .... I leave that up to you to choose.

He had already told me that the Easter Bunny had stolen his carrots, eaten the new grass and generally attacked him while I was on my break - So as you can see ... POOR BOY!! ... Well - He is male!!
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Adventure before dementia

Cambridge Won!!

Hurrah !!

As a child I was only ever brought up to see one sporting event a year - 

This year it was last Saturday - so I recorded it - and Cambridge won - having watched them almost sink last year I am really pleased - Yes that is the team I support.

For those who don't know has been an annual event for over 150 years - 4 1/2 miles along the River Thames in London - and the one event I never miss.