March 27th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

What A Long Morning!

Most of it was really great as well.

Went out with Toni and Smudge and Sue came over with her horse Ed.  It was a great day - and we all commented on the peace and quiet of the countryside, the primroses, daffodils and even a few violets.  It was truly a great morning both to be alive - and to go for a horse ride.

About 1/2 a mile from home is where "disaster struck" - Ed bucked and then side-stepped the wrong way ... and whether or not you ride I suppose you can imagine what I am going to say next.  Yes - Poor Sue hit the road.  Ed went cantering off down the road - but didn't go very far.  So Toni was able to catch him while I stayed with Sue.  She hurt her foot as she landed.  While Toni was coming back with the 2 horses she phoned her husband to bring the horsebox to where we were so that Sue didn't have to ride home.

Once she was in the car Toni and I rode back home - and then Toni drove Sue to hospital while her husband drove the horse back home.

The good news is that Sue was bruised - but not broken!

I was left to sort out the horses and dogs ... and just as I was getting organised the new farrier arrived - one hour early!!  So I had to go and get in the horse in question who was out in the field still - and then apologise that I didn't have the money to pay him!  Again - I was fortunate that toni arrived just as he was nailing on the last shoe!  So she arrived in time to pay!!  As I didn't like to leave the area while he was there (as I hadn't met him before) - it meant that DJ got a full groom - and a pedicure.  So all in all a good time for him!!

 In the end I got home it was gone 3pm.  ... So, as I said - a long morning!
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