March 21st, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Summer Is On The Way !

.. I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY that summer is coming - any minute now!!

Yes - even though today is still cold, DJ has decided to shed his winter coat.  During those warm couple of weeks that England had earlier in the month he didn't lose a single hair - but today we were both covered in grey and silver hairs ... and he should know by now that I try to disguise mine!

Yes - we also had a lovely ride - Toni and Smudge, Ros and Rags came as well (!) ... and we had a ride and a chat in the sunshine; great now that the wind had dropped off a bit.  We also managed to get a canter across a field where they had just finished harvesting a crop of turnips.  So good fun.

DJ came back warm, but as I gave him another groom to help cool him, he also lost a load more of his coat.  Still - good for any birds who are hoping to be building nests at present!
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