March 13th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Re - STRANGLES, a disease of horses.

This is just a small request for anyone who loves horses.

The British Horse Society have started a campaign to try to raise awareness of Strangles and the devastating effect it can have. DJ almost died 3 years ago of the disease and it also quarantined a busy yard for 8 weeks - so if anyone knows people who love their horses, please do spread the word of the BHS's campaign to try to wipe out this awful disease.

Thank You
Adventure before dementia

I Was Worried Today ...

... but in the end for nothing!

The reason for the worry was that DJ was impeccably behaved on his way in from his field and in his box. He moved when I asked him to - he actually lifted up each foot before I had to ask him - and stood still for his tack. So I had decided that he was going to save it all up and "explode" on the ride ... But no. He obviously was just enjoying Spring and decided to let me have the result of his mellow mode!

A short ride again today as Toni was riding Badger and leading Smudge.

But today's carrot was well deserved ... what has he saved up for me next time??
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Clocking The Mileage!

Today is a red letter day for me. I had always wanted a sports car - and the nearest I got to that was the Coupe that I bought 7 years ago ... a red Ford Puma ... before I owned a horse, so I had money in those days!

Anyway - this is what my mileage clicked to today -

Yes - 100,000 miles! If anyone was watching they would have thought I was mad stopping the car on the way back from DJ's to take 3 photos - 99,999; 100,000 and 100,001 miles! I know that's more for most of you as you work in km ... but was still a big day for me!