March 10th, 2007


10th Anniversary Greetings!

I was reminded on Friday that today is a special date - the 10th Anniversary of the beginning of BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ... and to celebrate this fact it was thought great that all who can add something to their journal in celebration!!

I didn't get into Buffy until a few years ago - and it was watching a re-run of Season 7 that got me hooked.  Yes - SPIKE !!  

I have seen written a few times that Spike and Buffy is the greatest love story, and that is true (to my mind) ... but having re-watched season 1 recently, I realised that Spike may be missing, but Buffy is beginning to develop.  She is a young girl who floats through life, liking the idea of "love" that she gets with Angel.  However by the end, when she hands Spike the amulet, she knows that there is depth to her life; and like it or hate it, she has to make decisions.  She does make those decisions - learns to trust herself, as well as trust others.

As I said I agree with the argument that Spuffy is the greatest love story - 

Casablanca ... Rick sacrifices his love so that she can have a life.  Well, how many times does Spike do that for Buffy?

Romeo and Juliet - young love!  But family and friends don't know about it - when they do, they disapprove ... Season 6 ringing any bells?

Gone With The Wind - Scarlett has many relationships looking for perfect love - and it is only when she realises she has lost Rhett that she knows he is her true love.  To me Buffy meant those words she said to Spike - as she was losing him, she realised what we all knew - how great a guy he really was.

Shall I go on?  There are 3 popular love stories, that are mirrored, or even bested by Spike and Buffy.

So let me finish here by thanking Joss for getting Buffy on our screens, and thanking James (of course), Sarah and the rest for filling up a chunk of my life - and also to my f-list,  all the  writers, moderators, etc who keep the dream alive -

Long May It Continue!!