March 7th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Spring Is Still Here

... Sorry to the rest of the world who aren't as lucky - but we had a great ride again today through the woods - There were Toni and Smudge, and Ros and Rags. It was really lovely - great to see all the daffodils out - the sun was shining - what more could you ask for? 


On a further note - JIFFY ...

Today he had to go and meet the people at the kennels where we hope he can stay over Easter. They like to meet the animals before, but I did warn Mum and Dad that it would probably mean they would have to find somewhere else, or we would have to cancel our weekend break!! Not that he doesn't get on with people - rather he likes them too much! So I shall have to wait till tomorrow to find out how his "interview" went!
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