March 6th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

What An Amazing Day

... Even had a good ride!!!

The weather in North Cornwall/Devon has been absolutely superb all day - clear blue skies, very little wind ... beautiful. I am sorry if you are reading this somewhere where the day wasn't so kind to you.

Toni took out Badger today with DJ and myself so we didn't go far as he isn't very fit. A few years ago he managed to ingest some rat poison and since then his lungs have never really recovered - having said that it is great that he is alive!

When we got back we had a cup of coffee ... and while drinking that I had the pleasure of watching a Woodpecker come and feed at one of their bird feeders. (I almost upended my coffee over Spike as well as he was wondering around, and I wasn't concentrating!!)
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Thought Things Were Going Too Well

My Monday was great - new mood theme up.

This morning a lovely ride in great weather, then watching a Kingfisher. This evening I spent some time looking at the medical side of someones Blakes7 story for them, and even started to go through sy own story that I am working on and that has been looked through by writero ...So far, so good.

Then I decided to print out a Spuffy story (Yeah!) that I had saved a week ago as I had finished the last one ... and ...!!!

Firstly the printer wouldn't feed paper - then when it did the ink came out in stripes - then the paper jammed - and it told me that I was out of black ink - having only changed it yesterday!! Anyone want a printer - only a few large kick marks on it (well at least they cover up the thumps!)