February 28th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Looking for Harry!

Just watched part of BBC 1's holiday programme today while I was having tea.  They focused one part on a weekend break to Chicago .... Well I watched carefully the sites - but didn't spot Harry Dresdon anywhere!  So he was obviously busy on a case ... or just in his basement making potions.
Adventure before dementia

He Was A Good Boy Today!

Don't say you are suprised!!

The weather was yet again dry for our ride with Ros and Rags, but with gale force gusts in the wind  - and yet again another route.  This time we went through the forest that the 3 of us had ridden when we had been chased by the cattle - but as there were only the 2 of us we cantered up the hill side by side - and DJ was good.  He didn't pull me, try to rush ahead, or try to push Rags down the ditch next to him  So all in all a good boy!

He is still wearing Smudge's spare rug - although his can be mended we are still trying to dry it out!

Today was busy for me - as I am yet again horse sitting as Toni has gone to help her eldest daughter move house - her and her partner's first house ... and he is in hospital with kidney stones.

So 6 horses to sort out - Percy the pidgeon to feen and, not forgetting, SPIKE, (the tortoise) to put into his bed (Dreams!)
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