February 22nd, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Just a short rant ...

... Not that this is usual for me as I am such an optimist.  

Just finding that being self-employed is a real pain at the moment.  Things are quiet - which is good in that my patients are not suffering back pain - but bad 'cos I have bills to pay!!

Still this week I have been trying to use my time productively - and get on with a few of those horrid jobs that have been put aside for "tomorrow... so at least I can look at some new cushion covers on the sofa and a new zip in my fave riding jacket.  So that's positive!

While doing these mundane jobs I have had the TV on - "Buffy" ... Season 1 ... as I have realised how much I just watch Spike (well, why not) - so thought I would use these spare days to go through the series ... Now that's a positive plan, isn't it?

Oh well - I actually am seeing a couple of patients today and meeting a friend for lunch - so having had breakfast, read my Bible and dressed I am now going to annoy the neighbours for a time practicing the clarinet ... How's that for an optimistic outlook on life?