February 15th, 2007



How am I meant to type when I am jumping up and down and running round in circles?



for the CD's that arrived this morning.

Could someone help me to know how I am meant to work this afternoon when I have the second Dresdon book waiting for me ... and the CD of "Words and Music"! I was only saying to my friend this morning that I had really enjoyed the first book - a great story ... and James ... So ... Guess what I am going to be doing this evening?

Thank You


Adventure before dementia

Now I Know Why High-Sided Vehicles Have So Many Problems!

Yes - it was windy today. bad enough as I walked out to DJ's field - but once he was groomed and tacked up and then I got on him .... you notice that you are up in the air!!

Toni was back from her trip so she and Smudge and DJ and I went on a very fast trip round the block.

The ride was fun - we met Ros and Rags returning from their patrol - but the sad thing is that as it was so windy (Gale Force gusts) it was hard to chat unless we were next to each other! How annoying! Still it was good to be out - and certainly glad I was wearing a hat otherwise I dread to think what a state my hair would have been in - and I have short hair. DJ certainly looked windswept.

A lot of you have asked about DJ - well this photo was taken of him and Conrad in their fiield last week. Poor DJ looks like a midget - especially considering Conrad is not yet 3!

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