February 14th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

Happy Valentines day

As a single girl I won't be spending today with my someone special - But, wanted to wish all my friends a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Hope that you get to spend some time with the one you love - and that your red roses last forever.

I also do want to say that I wish I could send my special Valentine wishes to James in person - oh well - maybe next year (I write with fingers crossed) ... Hope he has a great day!
Adventure before dementia

Even Horses Celebrate Valentine's Day, It Seems!

My last day of animal sitting .... and all went well!!

Spike is tucked up back in his bed (well, that's where he should always be, isn't it girls?)

The two horses who live-in are back in their stables, eating their tea, having had their bed-time story read to them and the other 4 horses have been checked on.  DJ didn't come over - I think he was worried that I was going to ask him to do some more work!  We had been out this morning with Ros and Rags - the weather was beautiful and we went along 2 tracks through woods which were quite hilly, so all 4 of us returned home nice and warm!

Out of the other horses - I must question what they had been up to today ... Must have known it was Valentines Day.  There are 5 males and 1 female - admittedly the males are all geldings - but out of them all the mares rug was 1/2 undone and askew ... SO ... Had she had fun ... or tried to??  I did ask them all - but no one is telling!