February 9th, 2007

1st Spuffy.

Is this how Spike keeps his lovely body?

My mother has sent me this exercise routine as an email - so wonder if it is what Spike uses - 'cos he does have a gorgeous body!!!!  (I'm single - I'm allowed to notice!)


This is to build muscle strength in the arms and shoulders - and it is suggested that you do it 3 times a week.

Stand on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room on either side of you.

With a 5lb (" 1/2 kg) potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides and hold there for as long as you can.  Try to reach a full minute, then relax.  Each time you do this you'll find that you can hold this position for a little longer.

After a couple of weeks, move up to a 10lb (5kg) potato sack.

Then 50lb, then 100lb - where you should eventually be able to hold one in each hand for a full minute.

Once you feel confident at that level ... put a potato in each of the sacks!!