February 8th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

LJ - Great way to renew old memories!

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying looking into the fandom through LJ.

Until I "met" Spike via Buffy and then hit the internet and discovered LJ and you great friends I had thought that I was starting to "grow up" ... but no - I am glad to say - I am having fun ... and anyway - who cares - It is James we are talking about!

However - I have also started to renew old memories - my first ever "fandom" was Blakes 7 - and I have found a couple of communities where I can be reminded of my teenage dreams of Avon (now lets see if that statement means anything to any of you!).

The only other show I followed religiously was M*A*S*H ... helped bide my time while baby-sitting ... And again I have found a couple of communities.

My heart is now truly Spike's - no name change - But it has been great to rediscover old favourites.
Adventure before dementia

SORRY the rest of England ... but we had fun today!

Sorry - I know that half of England ground to a halt - but DJ and I ... and Toni and Smudge had great fun this morning.

We went out to the valley that we had been through a few times, however instaed to sticking to the track we spent an hour going through the trees, up hills, down banks, through the stream - and generally "playing".  As we were in a valley - and in trees we were sheltered from the cold wind - so it was lovely!

Coming back wasn't so fun as we were overtaken by a van with a huge dog in the back which barked nastily - spooking the horses to bolt.  Sadly the driver kept coming - so it took some time to settle the 2 boys - so sad - and especiall;y on a day when 2 1/2 hours were amazing - to have it upset by 5 minutes.  Still - I am going to focus on the rest - and just say - 

It was a really amazing ride .. Thanks Toni for taking me there (and for teaching me to ride in the first place) - and thanks DJ for letting me have fun today - Hope you did as well!
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