January 30th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

10 Great Characters!

Last week after reading something in the journal of oldgraymare I promised her I would work on two lists ... 10 characters and 10 people that I would love to .... well how "X" rated do you want me to be? Then yesterday I saw that xevildeadgirlx had done her list of 10 characters - so here is my list ....

1 SPIKE ... of course!

2 Charlamagne (from Andromeda)

3 Captain Jack Sparrow

4 Chakotey (From Star Trek Voyager)

5 John Crighton (From Farscape)

6 Avon (From Blakes 7)

7 Sully (From Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman)

8 Riggs (From Lethal Weapon)

9 James Bond (Providing I don't end up the one that dies!)

10 Captain Jack Hartness (From Torchwood - I know he is gay - but that is 'cos he hasn't met me)

The list (well other than number 1 is not in any real order) - and I am sure I have forgotten one or two ... or maybe they are in my 10 - 20 list! Oh well -still workiing on the actual person list - Although can tell you that James is NUMBER 1 !!

Adventure before dementia

One of us had a lazy morning ...

Guess Who?

Yes - young DJ!  We went with Toni and 2 of her horses - she rode Junior and led Badger.  Today's ride was only to the next hamlet - about a mile each way, so just a case of getting them to do some exercise - then putting them back in their boxes - So they could work hard ... eating hay, snoozing, etc!

While they lazed around, Toni and her husband enrolled me in helping to reinforce some fencing.  DJ's field was to be changed and the boundary had to be safe and secure for them.  So - electric tape had to be placed around the whole area and the gates well secured.

After DJ had recovered from his hard work, he had his feed and a carrot (to help aid his recovery!) and then out to explore his new field, with his friend Conrad.  They didn't get very far inside as the grass was too good not to sample.  

So as you can see - he is a much abused pony!
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