January 9th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

DJ's year

As I said in my last posting I was going to keep a note of "A Year In The Life Of DJ" ... but first I want to assure us all that some friends stay friends.

Over the years we have all had people let us down, or stab us in the back - but I have had my faith in friendship restored today.

When I went to see DJ it was to be met by my friend, who has DJ in free livery on her land. If that wasn't enough she came to me with a key to say that she had come across a large crate that she had bought, put a padlock on and had put all my tack in to keep it safe. She had cleared an area of her barn so that I could keep feed, hay etc there as well as finding an old wardrobe so I could keep any clothing there that I wanted.

So - Friends do exist - Don't give up!!

Anyway - back to DJ.

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