January 4th, 2007

Adventure before dementia

My Equine Diary

By now most of you will know that I have a horse - DJ (who is my namesake) and has been on permenant loan for 3 years since I lost my own horse, Jaykub.

Until Christmas he had lived at riding stables and we worked for them. Due to a change of management he had to be moved and is now staled 20 minutes drive away, at his actual owners (my best friend's) place. I went riding this morning and Toni suggested I keep a journal of our life together, as it is the first year of independant riding I have done ...

4th January 2007


As I start this diary in the life of DJ – and our time together I wonder what 2007 will bring.


I drove to Welcome at 9am and met Toni at the stables.  I then walked out to bring DJ in.  On New Year’s Day he had been moved to a different field and now shares with a 2 ¾ year old 16 hand gelding called Conrad.


As I battled the electric tape I watched DJ telling Conrad off as he was trying to get to me as well!  DJ can be one jealous boy sometimes.


So – back to the stable to be groomed ready for our first trip of 2007.  As I took off his rug I found out that he had given he a great New Year present – he had torn off one of his belly straps, although fortunately he hadn’t actually ripped the rug.


When he was brushed and tacked up we headed out – with Toni on one of her horses, Smudge.  We went down the road and headed towards a bridle path – and having got some contractors to move out of our way, we went round the corner to find the lane was blocked.  I don’t think the workmen were very impressed when they had to move for the second time!


Toni proceeded to travel round in a huge clockwise loop giving me a running commentary all the way – both as to where other routes are and also some of the local gossip.  After a short canter on one of the verges we headed towards “home”.  We were out just under 2 hours in really great but cool and breezy weather.


I hope that all of the rest of my hacks go that well.


After time to cool down, DJ was re-rugged, given a carrot and then I took him back to his field.  I spotted his missing strap, amazingly near the gate, so rescued that and left it with his grooming kit to re-attach next time I see him.

Sorry this is long - had hoped to do a cut - but couldn't seem to get that to work tonight!)

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