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A Spike Drabble.

Just wanted to post a drabble.  I don't know whether you will like it - but just from a thought that occured to me recently.  (Yes, I do think once in a while!)

It is 100 words long and un bet'd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Loving All The Way

“I want to see how it ends!”
The last thing he said and Buffy heard him as she ran to safety. As she rushed to survive and live the life he was dying to give her.
How could he do that? 
He proved that Angel was correct. The very first thing she had ever heard about Spike was that once he started something, he would never give up. His Grand-sire knew that about him.
She knew that he could love with all his being. However she was also learning the hard way, that when he loved, he gave his all.

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