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Poor Boy - How Does He Cope With Life?

Poor DJ had a hard morning this morning!

By the time I had driven to where he is and then walked out to his field I was certainly feeling wobbly again - However I decided I would bring DJ in and give him a good grooming.  He was dry, but as I expected, very muddy.  So He got brushed ... and polished!  I even sprayed his tail and mane for him, so he positively gleamed by the end.

He  does love being fussed - especially if I take the time to scratch his strangles scar and brush around his "bits and pieces".  I don't know whether he has some residual memory as he was a later gelding, but when being brushed "there" the look of ecstasy on his face is lovely to see!   (So long as Mum doesn't realise I know such details I shall be OK!)

Anyway, once he was polished, I fed him ... much to his delight!  As he was eating I stood and chatted to Ros and Rosie who had arrived, while Toni and Junior got organised.  We all laughed as DJ kicked his door, obviously wanting to be out and about with his harem!

When they had left I put DJ's bridle on him and rode him out (bare-back) to his field.  He was good, as I did wonder if he would want to pull towards the road.  

So, I am back here early and getting some more rest, and the rest of my LJ tags sorted!  Quite glad, in some ways, as it has just started raining again!!

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