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Just A General Ramble Through My Week So Far.

Don't bother reading if you have better things to do ... I am bored, so thought I would ramble at my friends!

For those who have noticed, DJ hasn't updated his news this week - my fault, not his!  He is having a few days off - rolling in his muddy field and chasing Conrad.  I developed a tummy bug Sunday night and have not been able to go riding - to beging with it was a case of not "daring" to; now it is a case of still feeling very wobbly.  I am going to go for a walk in a minute and get some fresh air, which hopefully will get me back with DJ tomorrow.

Business is quiet - still.  Which was good on monday and Tuesday!!  Now I want to get some things done that I have meant to do in ages - 
a)  Finish my fic for xheartrockx
b)  Sort out the tags etc on my LJ.
c)  I have a DVD from Words and Music and would love to know if there was a way of just saving/re-recording the soundtrack only ... so I could then (maybe) put some on my MP3.  Or, is that too adventurous for someone like me.

I also have shopping for birthday pressies to do.  Toni's youngest is 21 next week, and one of my sis-in-laws is 45 the week after.

Plus, there is ironing to do.  Maybe I shall start there, and watch some Buffy while doing it!!

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