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Make-My-Day Awards!

I have now been picked twice, which has more than made my day!  The meme that is travelling around the lists is -

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award in no particular order. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own (unless you've already done it).

I can honestly say that most of the people that I have contact with were on the short-list, so please don't be upset that you didn't make the top 10.  It was hard to chhose, as I have such a great selection of friends - Thank you, all my f-list.

Anyway, yesterday, I received this lovely award - And can I just say, Cryssie, that is an amazing picture of James ... Thank you.

Below the cut, are my "ten" ... but not with pictures, Sorry!

cryssiemarsters  - You were the person who introduced me to LJ and my first Beta.  You really encouraged me to dare to submit the story, and get involved in this community.  It was great meeting you in person at Milton Keynes.  Thank you, Cryssie

jamalov29  - Your love of all things Spuffy is brilliant.  You are so eloquant in describing that loving relationship, thank you for all the amazing links you have given.  You also approached me, which meant a lot, and are so a lovely person.  Thank you, Caroline.

spikereader  - You were the first person from LJ I met in RL!  You have been great at helping me when my pc wouldn't up-load, and in giving me the most special CDs.  Don't see you around as much, and miss hearing of your life and the family.  Thank you Carolyn.

auntiero  - You were a great support when I wanted to get the story done to help me come to terms with Jaykub's death.  You were so patient with me.  You have inspired me to get out my knitting needles again.  Thank you, S.

deborahw37  - You often comment on my posts, and always reply to my rubbish.  I love your daily updates of your life.  I can't tell you how much it meant when you contacted me about meeting - Thank you, Debs.

oldgreymare  - You always comment on my life with DJ.  It has been great hearing of your life, and being reminded that winter=summer there!!  You have been a good friend since we first were in contact.  Thank you, D.

pfeifferpack- You do some really interesting posts, and wite some lovely Spuffy stories.  You have been very positive in my struggles with my self-esteem.  Thank you, Kathleen.

kalinda001  - You are writing the most amazing story, which has re-awakened my love of Blake's 7.   You ususally comment on my rubbish.  Thank you, Kal.

bendy1  - You really open my eyes to the good, the bad, and the ugly!  There is so much out there that drifts past me - you keep me up to date.  Thank you for all the art-work you do, as well as the downloads.  Thank you, Bendy.

kudagirl  - You are one of my newer friends, but you love of James and Spike is great.  Your drabbles have been super - making me focus for a few minutes on the story.  Thank you, Kuda.

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