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DJ's news on 2nd March

... None!!

I did promise him that i would keep his year up to date.

Actually he had a lazy morning really.  I was still horse sitting - so when I took Secret and Smudge out to their field I brought him in, so that he could munch some hay if he wanted.  He didn't eat much - mostly just stood and watch me muck-out the 2 boxes ... I got the feeling he was giving me marks out of 10!

We met up with Ros and Rags later than normal this morning and then had a short ride.  Another new route, as they have re-opened a bridle path that had been closed for a few weeks.  so somewhere new to see, but when we picked up the usual path, Ros made us go first - so poor DJ had to work hard rather than his usual "follow-my-leader".  Still he was a good boy, got on - and didn't lead Rags astray!

And so back home - for a feed and then back to his field.
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