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Dartmouth, South Devon

Before we went to visit the Naval College we had lunch and a wander round Dartmouth.  It is a lovely town, with some beautiful architecture - and a Castle, that we didn't get time to visit ... Must go back.

Thes house are actually Victorian - built to fit in with the rest of the town. I was amazed at the amount of hanging baskets everywhere - they were spectacular.


These are some of the original houses from the town.

The War Memorial.

One side of the War Memorial - showing civilians killed during the second world war.  Being on the south coast of Devon - with the cities of Exeter and Plymouth near-ish, as well as the Navel College being here, it was subject to bombing by the Germans.

The Newcome Steam Pump - an early pump, invented in the 18th century. (It was in a small room - impossible to get a better picture!)

Looking through the gun turret of the keep, down the river, towards the Castle ... and thus the sea.

The keep, lying on the water-front.

Looking from Dartmouth back to Kingswear.

 A great trip - and we didn't get wet, even though it rained a few times during the day. 

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