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Not Wanting To Wake Up This Morning.

No, not me, I'm talking about DJ!

As I walked across their field this morning, there were 2 (fat) lumps in the corner. As I approached I called "Hi" ... Conrad picked his head up and lay there watching me contnue to walk, while DJ didn't move. So I called another hello, to DJ this time - Yes, I got a response ... He picked his head up, looked at me, and lay back down again!

He did stand up as I approached and I don't think he was happy that I was laughing at him!

Today, Junior and Toni accompanied DJ and myself to collect Rosie and Ros ... So DJ had, again, the honour of being the only male.

The ride went well. There was lots of traffic, but most of it slowed down, so Rosie's training is going very smoothly. We went down to the Church and then back round - so a couple of steepish hills for Rosie to cope with.

A lovely ride, and it stayed dry. It is cooler today, so not so great for the holiday-makers, but we all appreciated it.

DJ was cool enough by the time we got back that he didn't need sponging down - just let him settle while I emptied the wheel barrow of ####, and then time to feed him.

As I led him back to his field I collected rubber gloves and plastic bags - so that I can pull Ragwort.   It is a back-breaking, but essential job. I had the advantage (!) of help - as DJ and Conrad kept close to me while I pulled up all the plant I could see in their field. For those who don't know much about it, Ragwort is a killer and spreads rapidly - the only thing that can be done is that it must be pulled up and burned. More details can be seen here if you don't know what it looks like. 

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