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What A Hot Start To The Week.

 No, DJ didn't get me hot and bothered - just very hot bringing him in and grooming him.  It is a very sultry morning here.

Anyway, I managed to take a couple of pictures of him in his "home", just before we left ... so thought you would like to see where he spends some of his days :-

We left today just before 10a.m. as we had arranged to meet Ros at that time.  I wanted him to walk up there by himself.  It isn't far, but especially since my injury, we haven't done much without company.  Toni and her husband had gone to take his veteran car to a local show ... so DJ and I walked up to Ros and Rosie, this week.

Yes, he was a good boy, and then the 4 of us headed down toward the farma dn on towards the canter track.  For Rosie's sake we alternated who was first and who was second ... and she was very relaxed.  DJ was also a good boy - overall training Rosie has really brought DJ (and me) back into focus, and he is so much better in traffic.

We had a lovely, if hot walk.  Mind you, Ros is at present wearing a body protector as Rosie is a young horse, so she must have melted.

By the time we headed back, DJ was pretty warm, so I sponged him down - and then took a picture of part of his mane, to show that his plait does hold!

After a small snack I took him back to his field ... and when I get the rest of the photos loaded you will be able to see DJ in action ... and why he never quite looks like a grey!

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