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MEME - My 5 Hot Men

 I have been tagged by kudagirl  for the the Hot Man Meme.  

I bet none of you could possibly guess who my number one is going to be!!

1) Find five of your hottest celebrity men.
2) Put them IN ORDER of your lust for them [5 - 1, 1 is the hottest].
3) Supply photos for said people.
4) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
5) Tag five people.  ... However I am not going to tag any of you - but would love to see some lists.

5)  Sean Bean

The first thing I saw him in was "Lady Chatterley's Lover" ... so if that doesn't bring an actor to your attention, nothing will!
However for me he will always be the Napoleonic Army Officer Richard Sharpe, who was promoted to an officer from the ranks.  It is a great historical drama.  He was also great in Lord of the Rings.
Lovely northern guy - with an amazing smile ... and a great body!

4) Anthony Andrews

The first historical BBC drama I saw was The Pallisers, and he played the younger son.
He was great in Danger UXB ... and was a good Scarlet Pimpernel.  
A good all round actor - who is quite cute to look at, as well.

3) Kevin Sorbo

I have 2 friends and we used to all fence together and then go back to one of the houses for a video evening - That is when I watched Hercules - and saw Kevin Sorbo, for the first time.
He then went on to star in Andromeda - a Sci Fi series, where he is the captain.  (Those who are James fans, may have watched the episode he was in!).
He has a gorgeous body - great action acting ... and a nice smile.

2)  Cary Grant

He is great - an actor who could do his own stunts, and had good comedy timing.  He was busy all his life, and even a few bad films didn't slow him down.
Another lovely looking man, with a nice smile.

1) James Marsters

Come on - did you guess?
What can I say to sun up this lovely man.
He is a great actor, who can portray so much by doing so little.
His natural voice is lovely and his accents are pretty good as well.
He has an infectious laugh - and that smile ... so stunning.
And, he keeps fit and active - enjoying work and doing his own stunts.

I realise that when I look at actors (or guys in general) that I love their smiles ... as well as their bodies!

It was fun, thanks Kuda for tagging me - Go on f-list, have a go yourselves.

Tags: anthony andrews, cary grant, james, kevin sorbo, meme, sean bean
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