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Back To A Normal Wednesday.

This first thing I did to DJ this morning was to hit him!  No, I hadn't gone mad - he had a horse-fly on his shoulder.  So, he stood there and accepted my "abuse".  We then walked in, and into his box.  It was already hot, even though it was still early-ish.

I groomed and plaited him, just as Toni finished Junior.  And as we were colecting hats and gloves, Ros and Rosie arrived.

So, for the first time in ages we were back to a traditional Wednesday ride.

Rosie stayed in the middle and DJ was "back-stop" ... in fact he was the male escort to 5 ladies this morning.

All again went well.  There was quite a bit of traffic but Junior and DJ were able to slow things down and keep everything relaxed for Rosie. 

And, yet again, he needed a sponge down, as well as time to chill out before he had something to eat ... gave me a chance to have a coffee, and a gossip with Toni!

So, yet again - a Perfect Pony.  He did try to persuade me that I should give him his carrots by the pound ... not one at a time!
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