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Oh No - More Pics

Over the last few week one or two of my f-list have asked me for specific photos - So, under the cut are :-

2 General pictures of Bude - An old Coaching Inn, that is still a hotel; and one of the hanging baskets that appeared in Bude for the season.

2 pictures of my hands to show my rings - these are really for


The picture that Mum cross-stitched for me for my birthday, that some of you were asking about.

A close-up of the knitting I am doing, to show the decorative panal - this is really forauntiero and beanbeans 


 Finally, a picture of some of my many giraffes - these stand on my mantlepiece in my lounge. 


My Left Hand - yes, the injured one!
The ring on my middle finger I bought in Malta.
The one on my ist finger and my thumb my brother Tim bought me - the one on the thumb swivels.

My Right Hand
The ring on my ring finger is an 18th birthday present from one of my sets of Grandparents.
The other 3 rings were from Mum and Dad.
The one on my thumb is copper, otherwise when I am playing the clarinet the hand aches, with the weight.
The bracelet was a gift from my brother Nick for my 40th.

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